Love Stories

Stories about people like you and me who fall in love, overcome obstacles, and stay together. Maybe they’re time travelers. Maybe they’re wealthy and gorgeous. But at their heart they’re just like you and me–they long for their own happily-ever-after. And that’s exactly what they get.

Miriam - The Short Story

Miriam lives in a virtual world. She thinks and feels like a real person. Now she’s in love with Ben, the sweet and thoughtful, handsome man who’s been assigned to test her. Will Ben return Miriam’s love, and can they make their unique relationship work? 

Miriam’s’ designers don’t understand how real Miriam really is. What will happen when the test is over? Will Miriam stay Miriam, or will she be redesigned? Or worse, will she be deleted and forgotten? 

The novel launches in early 2019, but you can get the complete short story that inspired it now, for free.

In Love With the Writer

Lindsay loves reading and writing romances. She’s falling for her handsome writing instructor, Ryan, but a past hurt is holding her back.

Ryan is a successful author, older and more experienced. He lives in a beautiful home that’s way too big for one person. The one thing missing in his life is what he gives to the characters in his books–a happy ending.  He needs to break through to Lindsay, but a secret from his past could hurt her again.

The Time Traveler's Promise

Alexis is an emergency room doctor in Atlanta and a volunteer on the remote island of Anuta, bringing medical supplies to and falling in love with the people there. Two years ago, in the midst of her depression over the passing of her brother, the man she thought she would marry walked out on her.

Now she’s protecting her emotions, so she’s not interested in another romantic relationship–until she meets Derron, a sweet and gorgeous man who treats her with tenderness and respect. He’s not like anyone she’s known before, and she doesn’t even know he’s from the future.

Derron is a man on a mission from the future to the present day, to save the world that he knows. What he doesn’t know is that Alexis’s life is in jeopardy, and that falling in love with her, and saving her, could endanger his mission and his future world.

Stories Outside the Lines

In this collection of 29 stories, you can visit a smoke-filled bar in a fantasy world, or experience a love affair with artificial intelligence. Maybe you’d prefer to go back in time and relive the experience of going to a baseball game with your dad, or go back even farther to live in a perilous world when medicine was in its infancy. What’s it like to experience the soul-crushing loss of a loved one, or to sit in Heaven’s waiting room? Or would you rather be a clairvoyant in the world of high-stakes business, or find out how the small decisions we make each day determine our future? Or maybe you’d just like to sit back, relax, and go for a wild ride in a dream fueled by late-night pizza.

This collection by various emerging authors includes Dana’s short story, “Miriam,” that inspired the novel.